Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sorel Fall 11 Launch

I am going to pretend for a minute I have a large reader bass that loves to see the latest boots for Fall/Winter.

For those that do not know what I do, I work in Advertising.  Our latest work for SOREL just launched and I am over the moon in love with it.  We launched the campaign in the September fashion issues and running large lookbooks online with the top fashion sites and bloggers.

Take a look at the below "mini-film" that brings the story to life.

And here is a pic of the ad that ran in Vogue.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Neskowin, Oregon

For Easter, we went to the coast. It was my first trip up to visit the new pad - and I am so excited for the memories to come there.  Hopefully next time with Nate, Jen and Hudson. I did spy a tiny hooded sweatshirt at the general store (only store? - themovierentalicecreambeerwinesweatshirt store) that Huddy will look super cute in.

Down on the beach - always empty, which I love
 Looking North - I think that is haystack rock
 Not too shabby
 Looking south from the house
 I was pretty excited I found a perfect sand dollar to start up the collection
 Walking down the trail to the beach

Until next time!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time for an update

One of my loyal readers noted that I have been on a blogging hiatus.  So this post is for you, Kim!

And, it will be centered around BABIES, because in the last few months, I know of 5 little baby boys born! 5! I think that is pretty insane.  Moms, where are the little girls?

Introducing Jackson Stone Chao - I visited this little nugget a few hours after his birth. His mom was beautiful as always.  Pretty sure she was meant to make beautiful babies.
This other little nugget I only get to see on skype or via text message pics.  Hudson, I miss you like crazy and I have an Easter card waiting to be sent out to you.  This year, I was tempted to put $5 in it like good Aunt should, but then I thought, what would a 3 month do with $5? When are you coming to visit, buddy?
 This third little nugget grows like crazy every time I see him. JP, you are so dang cute, I can hardly stand it.

In other news, I am on a smoothie kick. I have been making them every morning - I've noticed a big change in my energy level throughout the day.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Austin, you had me at touchdown

I was in Austin late last week/earlier this week for SXSW.  I had to fly up to Portland mid week for meetings, but if not I would have been VERY tempted to stay past the interactive portion and into music.  In those four days, I fell madly in love with Austin. From the BBQ, to the warm 80 degree weather, to the live country music, to the cute stores and bars lining S. Congress street, I was in heaven.

My new favorite drink is Texas Tea. Anyone know a bar in SF that makes a mean one?
And my new favorite store is Maya. Best. Jewerly. Ever. (their website does not do the store justice)
I'm craving this horse ring.
and this snake ring.
OMG, this croc skin gold cuff.

I was all over intragram, so sorry for the duplication if you've seen these pics already.  

Until next time, Austin.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

Visiting Hudson

I have been taking lots of photos of the little buddy. Here are a few.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

furniture shopping. spa. wine tasting, cut & color. movies.

That is how I spent my three day weekend.  Does it get any better, I think not!

Kicked off the weekend with The Fighter at the Kubki Theather and dinner prior in Japan town with some friends.  Thanks to Katie for sneaking in a bottle a red, it was MUCH needed after the week I had at work.

Next up Saturday AM, I went and picked up this treasure off Craigslist.

Turns out the seller is an interior designer who started by blogging when she was a teacher (hmmm. maybe I could quit advertising afterall? ahh, to risky). Her blog is here.

Next on the list was a color and (much needed cut).  While I have been coloring every 5 - 6 weeks now that I am back to brunette, I have been avoiding a cut as last time they chopped to many inches off, and I want my hair looooonng!  Despite the heavy rain (Californians freak out when it pours - you would think the world is coming to an end, seriously) I ventured over to Emeryville to look at the side table.  I ended up not getting the one i posted on below, as I now have the black one above as my nightstand and went with this fun mirrored one as a side table for by the bay window which will help bring in more light to the room.

I also picked up some trinkets on sale at West Elm - these little white vases were on sale for $4!
Saturday night found me out to dinner and drinks with friends - Umami one of my favorites.
Then on Sunday, I went up to Sonoma with some other friends for some much needed R&R.
We first stopped at a winery for a little wine tasting and then headed over to the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn. ahh, I'm relaxed just remembering the afternoon.  One of the pools has relaxing music playing under water, so you can just lay back on the floaties and put your head halfway in the water and wash away all your cares in the world.  By the time we got back to SF, I was ready for bed and it was only 7! So I settled for a night in with a slice of pizza, a bottle of wine and The Social Network on demand.
Monday has been less eventful, couch/internet surfing/hgtv watching. But, to continue with the movie theme, I'm going to go watch the King's Speech later this afternoon.  What a great weekend before a busy (but short) week ahead.


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